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The number one hemp biomass supplier.

Arbo is the only company I buy from for my processing facility. When I need biomass, I know they will deliver. They have excellent customer service and are always on time with their deliveries.

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Providing biomass

Is what we do

We excel in providing high quality biomass to CBD processors around the nation. Whether you need 1,000 pounds or 100,000 pounds, we have the experience to meet your needs, and guarantee nothing but the best prices and highest quality certified and tested hemp biomass.

About Us
Exceptional Quality
  • High CBD
  • Lab Tested
  • FDA Compliant
  • Growing
  • Processing
  • Transport
24/7 Delivery
  • Date/Time Flexible
  • Guaranteed On-Time
  • Volume Indifferent
  • State Certified
  • Federal Certified
  • Insured Transport
quality groomed

Nothing but certified and lab tested.

All hemp we sell is certified and lab tested for compliance and quality. We sell nothing below 10% CBD and take every step possible to produce truly exceptional biomass.

always ready

We stay delivery ready 24/7.

We have trucks ready for delivery 24/7. Our experience has prepared us for any order situation, regardless of volume required.

Supplying processing centers with the best hemp biomass

contact us: 503 583 8164

Experienced in all aspects of growing, processing, and selling hemp

Guarantee nothing but the highest quality lab tested biomass

Ready and capable of delivering any order regardless of volume