Cherry Wine Otto II Starts


Our Cherry Wine Otto II starts are the pinnacle of hemp plants. Green house produced starts grown from seeds, hand picked and sorted for perfection; we produce nothing but healthy quality plants guaranteed to create a bountiful harvest.

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Arbo Farms

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Our starts are planted, cultivated, and groomed by the work of our hands. They spend their days growing in our isolated greenhouses, kept at the optimum temperature. Every start is assed at least 5 times over the 2-3 weeks they spend in our facility. Before shipping to the farm, every start is inspected and held to the quality that has made Arbo Farms the number one source for hemp starts.

Our Seeds

Meticulous Creation, Selection, And Cultivation

We are not brokers or distributors. All of our starts comes cultivated by our hands, grown in the rich soils of Oregon. We use the latest technology in plant phenotyping, and effective traditional farming practices to create consistent high CBD feminized starts. We believe the best way to spread healthy growth in the North American industrial hemp industry is to provide high quality dependable plants.

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Cherry Wine Otto II

Strain Breakdown

These two strains were hand selected by our growers to produce quality seed for multi-purpose industrial hemp farming. Otto II is a hybrid high-CBD hemp seed developed in Colorado. It is stable, breeds true for high-ratio CBD expression, and is excellent for use in botanical extraction applications. Cherry Wine (phenotype of “The Wife”) practically drips resin, and was the first phenotype we saw that had no detectable THC with a whopping 25% CBD!

  • Later harvest from 9 to 14 weeks
  • CBD peaks around week 9 at 15%
  • Known to produce up to 25% CBD
  • Medium to large dense flowering
  • Exceptional mold resistance
  • Terpenes exhibit smooth, rich scent
  • Pollinated only by hermaphodites
  • Unique Oregon created hybrid

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Contact us with any questions regarding our starts. We are transparent with our processes, and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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